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Work alone and get credit for yourself

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Some prefer to do everything alone—many oranges to hug and eat alone.

These amazing people want to embrace all the work, not just the benefits. This is because taking into account the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of going alone. Therefore, they tend to work without the help and participation of anyone else.

Unfortunately, such people do not go very far on the professional ladder. They can only touch on a few projects. They don’t think they can’t do everything just by hugging a lot.

The counterpart here is just as wonderful. They like teamwork. There is no work can do alone. They resent those who work alone and those who work ahead of the team. There is a reason for that too. These people cannot work. Therefore, they aim to benefit from appearing in a group with one who can. Because of the anger that comes from not doing so alone, these people tend to interrupt those who do.

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“A manager’s responsibility is to control both types of employees properly.”
For this, there are two tasks that a manager should do.

  1. Building an environment where many people can contribute to a particular work.
  2. Entitlement of more benefits those who take responsibility and work with dedication in such an environment.
    However, it is difficult to achieve the tasks of valuing individual contributions and simultaneously strengthening team spirit. Managers are paid a high salary for doing that problematic work
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