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How a wrong corporate vision affects

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Let’s start today’s article with a small example. The government imposes a new law on motor vehicles in a particular country. According to this new policy introduced by the motor vehicle commissioner department of that country, every motor is subjected to a vehicle emission test every year. It is a measure taken to prevent pollution of our atmosphere. It is good.

Other countries do this emission test for vehicles older than a few years. But the same applies to new cars bought in this country today. The country’s government points out that about one in 1000 new vehicles fails the vehicle emission test.

When you think about it, it turns out that their goal is not to reduce air pollution but to eliminate it. Is it a doable task?

Due to this, 999 vehicles have to be fined for finding one car. Or check 999. Have you seen whether the Department of Motor Vehicles has improved because of this?

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Now let’s adapt it to our story. Some of the decisions taken about our institutions can be like this. It is not only the concerned people affected by such rules and regulations adopted by certain institutions. The entire organization suffers. If not, the whole country will suffer. Let’s take the above example and see what its disadvantages are. Who will pay for burning fuel for smog tests for 999 vehicles? Who is responsible for the environmental damage caused by burning that fuel? Is there a system to remove cars that fail this test completely? People have to bear the cost of checking each vehicle. The amount will not be returned if the test is passed.

There are times when laws enacted by government institutions benefit the country. But we should not forget that such laws cause much damage.

Even if private institutions do not enact laws, there are times when some of their actions harm the country itself. One example is traffic jams on some roads due to establishments without proper parking spaces. Institutions that do not have a good vision and cannot look beyond their scope become a burden to the country.

The good that institutions do to the country is immense. But in that process, it is valuable if the harm done by them is minimized. The organization should be responsible to society to reduce such damages.

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