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People are unequal. Should not equals be treated equally?

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People are different from each other. Just like the five fingers of the hand are not the same, people are not the same. So let’s take a small example to talk about this.

John needs a promotion. He would like to go to a service station in another province. And therefore, it is not a problem for him even if Jhon has to stay away from home. Daniel prefers a workplace where he can go home in the evening. Even if the position level increases, the profit received, or the salary increases, he does not like to serve outside. Is it right to treat these two persons as the same? Is it right to do that from the side of both of them?

John can do a lot on his own. But it is impossible to work with a team. Even though what Daniel can do alone is limited, his contribution to maintaining a team’s collectiveness is high. Is it right to treat these two in the same way? John is best at doing what he does best. Daniel prefers to do new things in new ways. Is it right to treat these two in the same way? Even though John and Daniel had the same educational qualifications and claimed the same amount of experience, should these two be treated the same way?

Considering these two factors, one should consider who contributes more to implementing the organization’s strategies and programs.
Should their differences be taken into account in giving them benefits and assigning employees? Some managers think it is wrong not to treat both equally if they have the same educational qualification and experience. Both should be in the same position (level or position). Both should work with the same efficiency. Such people think that we are working with similar units. At least they should behave as equal units. Is there any benefit to the organization or the individual by believing so?

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Human resource management is complex because two people with the same qualifications and experience do not behave like two computers with the exact specifications. However, many people have to forget this inequality and deal with it.

The reason is that inequalities should be measured along different dimensions. For example, how do we measure John’s ability to improve old things and Daniel’s inclination towards new things in the same direction?
When you measure in many directions like this, it isn’t easy to find it constructive as if you measured in one order. Because it is not possible to prepare a measure that everyone can agree on.
So, instead of doing the hard work, people choose the easy job that doesn’t fit. Measure John and Daniel using the same yardstick. That standard is often the measurer’s preference. He is the most talented. It couldn’t be more fitting because there is no point in measuring one dimension of something with multiple sizes.

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